what is going on ....

Winter is approaching fast in the latitude of the faresast...

And it is beautiful. Currently we are preparing  coal for the winter.  

we have one deer and he will be very happy with coming winter.

Harvest was good this year again.

we have two teachers will visit both farms in the month of September, and there will be encouragement and celebrations.  Thanks to David Lee , the guest speaker.

Restoration time:  9-27 thru 10-7

two speakers  will visit both locations and will have time of restoration.

it will be a  time of encouragement and edification for the locals and Korean diasporas in the vicinity of both locations.

Also  learn about  servant leadership and reaffirm the beauty of serving others.

환상의 겨울이 곧 다가옵니다. 
설원의 그 곳은 아름답지만 극한의 추위를 대비하기 위한 겨울철 석탄을 준비 중입니다.   올해에도 감사하게 풍성한 수확을 누릴 수 있었습니다.